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About the Book

Harvey Penick had his famous little red book of thoughts about life and golf. Let me tell you about my little green book, Beyond the Score. For me it is much more than a book about golf, it is a book about relationships - horizontal relationships with other people and the vertical relationship with God through Jesus. Such an important topic should take more pages, but I cut out the fluff and gave you the best stuff in a crisp, easy to read, beautifully bound book of just 93 pages.

The meaning of the title is best summarized by the statements on the back cover, one by me and one by the legendary golfer, Bobby Jones.

Performance on the Course is Important,
but Relationships last Beyond the Score.

“Take Pleasure, Not in the Score, but in the Game.”
–Bobby Jones

It is a philosophy of life that applies to all of us whether we play golf or not. It is a strategy for the game of life that says there is more to life than winning at all cost, getting to the top rung, and accumulating things. What lasts beyond all of those worldly goals are our relationships. In Quiet Strength Tony Dungy wrote, "God's definition of success is really one of significance—the significant difference our lives can make in the lives of others."

Beyond the Score  won't improve your golf swing or your handicap. It will tell you how to meet and treat people on the golf course and off so that you can have an impact in their lives. In so doing you will help them meet their goals and achieve your own in the process.

My goal is to share this message with as many people as possible. I hope you will buy Beyond the Score, share it with your friends, and give it out to participants in your next golf event. The Store page will show you how you can do that.