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Favorite Quotes from Golf’s Sacred Journey

Favorite Quotes from Golf’s Sacred Journey by David L. Cook, Ph.D

Released as the movie, “Seven Days in Utopia,” on September 2, 2011

 I am a fan of David L. Cook’s little novel on golf, life and faith. It is one of the books I wish I had authored because it is so well written as well as inspirational and helpful. I have listed a few of my favorite quotes from the book to encourage you to read the book and view the movie. I hope you will do both. This list may also serve as a reminder of some key points.

 Jim Sheard, Ph.D.,

 Feel the Perfect Shot

“…that magic shot, that perfect contact followed by the perfect flight of the ball creates a feeling like no other, and once you touch it once, you want to and can touch it again. It’s all about recreating the feel from those shots that you want to remember.

 That’s always been the way I’ve approached golf. A good golf swing is summed up in a word: repeatability. If you can repeat it, you can play. If what you are repeating is good enough, you can be great. It’s that simple.” Foreword by Tom Lehman, p. 10

 Being in the Moment

“See it, feel it, trust it. Patience. Create a masterpiece. (After reading the book) I carried these words with me into the competition. The result was an attitude far less concerned with results. It was about the moment, and the result of being in the moment. It was a great place to be.” Foreword by Tom Lehman, p. 12

 Heart Surgery

“My view of God is similar to my view of golf: He is going to take what you do well and perfect it. He’s going to perform open heart surgery on matters of deep character and turn a curse or a difficulty into a blessing.”

“The bottom line: Whether in golf or in life, it’s time to get out of your own way and let the real you shine.” Foreword by Tom Lehman, p. 13

Rhythm, Balance, Patience

“…My method is to stay balanced and to swing in rhythm, be patient at the top, and have a sense of freedom throughout the swing.’”

P. 44

 “My focus was on rhythm, balance, and patience. It was as though I was in a trance.”

…Emotional balance is as important as physical balance….” P. 56

 See It, Feel It, Trust It

“I moved in behind the ball. …I saw the aiming point, trajectory, and shape of the shot. I could see the base of the flag, my final target.

…As I moved into the shot and addressed the ball, I felt the shot. My club waggled as if something inside were testing the waters.

…As my eyes returned to the ball, the memory was etched in my mind. The club moved off the ball as I trusted the shot. Freedom ensued.” P. 66-67

 “See it, feel it, trust it. See His love, feel His presence, and trust His Word.” P. 131

 Savor Your Shots

“Always savor your shots, so you can take advantage of this most powerful tool in your armor, the recall.” P. 116

 Source of Significance

“After all, golf is what I did. It defined me to the point that my golf score and self-identity had merged into one.” P. 123

 “Life in the end will be measured by significance, not a golf score. Significance will be defined by your character, relationships, values, virtues and faith, not by a golf score.” P. 124

 “Your identity is not tied to a game but to God.” P. 129

 “I have seen His handprint upon my life over and over and felt His presence closer than the wind upon my face.” P. 125


“I had come here desperate for hope, and it had been given. I had been desperate for answers to golf’s most baffling challenges, and I found them. I had been in need of a mentor, and he showed up.” P. 117

 “This guy was so wrapped up in his score and his failures that he had lost touch with his talent.” P. 139

“Remember, it is just a game.” P. 149

 “The scales fell off my eyes, revealing His handprint on everything I saw.” P. 133

“For us this was a calling out, a direct challenge to embody the character of Johnny by seeking ways to encourage another human being with wisdom.” P. 155

 Note: Bold letters and underlining have been added for emphasis.

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