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Lights, Camera, Action!

In Golf World (October 24, 2011, p. 25) Jim Moriarty refers to Ben Crane as a “budding video star”…a tongue in cheek reference to Ben’s videos that reflect the funny side of a PGA professional previously best known for his slow play. Ben combined forces with Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan, and Bubba Watson to create the widely seen video, The Golf Boys. In the video, these four outstanding golf professionals provide a lively and hilarious impression of a rock band, playing and dancing.

Ben started this craze with a video in which he pokes fun at his slow play while roaming the golf course in an old fashioned skin tight bathing suit. To show that he too can play rapidly he is towed on roller blades behind a speeding golf cart while furiously swinging the club at golf balls in the fairway. (Search for Ben Crane Slow Play on You Tube to see this video)

It inspired me to create my own, hopefully humorous, golf video to attract attention to my latest book, Beyond the Score: Relationship Keys for Golf and Life (New Leaf Publishing Group, 2011). In the video, I play golf in my cowboy hat, shirt, and chaps. I was once a little boy in rural Colorado. I was a real life cowpoke with my own Palomino mare and authentic western garb.

How ironic, a “lonesome” cowboy out on the course for a round of golf without a clue as to why people would not want to play with him…a stark contrast to the message of the book - how to win friends and influence people on and off the course.

Is it funny? Does it get the point across? Will people read the book? You be the judge.

Here’s the link to The Lonesome Cowboy Golfer on You Tube.

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