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10 Lessons from Steve Jobs

I had several engaging conversations with a friend regarding the new Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. The book changed my friend’s attitude and approach to life. He acquired a renewed interest in his areas of strength in technology and gained intensity for creating winning ideas. This vigorous approach to life is inspiring. It is something many more of us should strive for, even those of us in our senior years.

I asked my friend to list ten lessons he had learned from the Steve Jobs biography. In a few minutes he reeled off the following:

  1. Constantly improve everything. Correct your mistakes quickly and fairly. Never compromise on your vision of perfection.
  2. Work with “A people” (the very best) who are willing to commit their maximum talent and energy to solutions.
  3. Get up right now and do something to improve your well being and environment. Do not let time go to waste.
  4. Do not put off doing your very best. Life is short. It may end sooner than you think.
  5. Surround yourself with Steve Wosniaks…talented people who will help achieve your vision; people who can do what you cannot do.
  6. Get rid of clutter so you can focus clearly.
  7. Have no yearning for materialism.
  8. Have a vision that is beyond status quo. Strive for better than anyone else’s best.
  9. Never let your enemies roadblock your quest. Overwhelm them with the quality and validity of what you are doing.
  10. Simplicity is beautiful. Products are to be beautiful inside and out.

With that, I’m motivated to read the book, aren’t you? It may affect me differently since I do not happen to have my friend's interests and insights in technology.  I can already say I have been saddened by interviews with the author, Walter Isaacson, which revealed that even with impressive accomplishments and incredible financial resources, Steve Jobs seems to have missed two lessons that might have given him more time on earth and more meaning for the journey.

 1.At times you must trust others like the doctors who wanted to operate right away when they discovered cancer in Steve Job’s pancreas.

 2.You can have an even more important type of trust that Mr. Jobs seems to have missed. It is to trust the message of the Bible…that Jesus, the Son of the creator God who created the universe, offers eternal life for those who believe in Him.

There are many inspirational things coming out of the remembrances of Steve Jobs. My intent is not to take away from that or from anyone’s grieving hearts. But dare I say that we could have something that even Steve Jobs did not have? Eternal Life with God in Heaven who wants us to put our trust in Him.

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