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“I’m Over It!”

Golf is an anger-producing experience. I have not yet met a serious golfer who can play the game without feeling a sense of anger at the occasional shot that goes awry. There is no doubt you have expressed anger on the golf course, whether it be one bad shot or a season of bad rounds. Have you:

  1. Beat up on yourself with some self-deprecating comment like “You idiot!”
  2. Used one part of the Trinity in vain - God, Christ, etc.
  3. Used some other form of vulgar language..
  4. Discarded the club by tossing it or slinging it in a swirling helicopter fashion.
  5. Hit the ground with the club.
  6. Kicked your bag, the cart, or some other object.
  7. Gone silent and not speak to anyone for the next few minutes.
  8. Thrown down another ball and hit it in disgust.

The next time you are tempted to express yourself in one of these ways, instead consider my friend Walter’s profound words. Walter takes about three steps and says, “I’m over it!” And, he really means it. I have tried it myself and it actually helps release the pent up emotion in a positive way.

Those who have learned to get rid of their anger and move on are usually the ones who have more fun, play better, and keep their friends.

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