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The Gift of HOPE

I’ve been noticing Christian friends who have faith that is more real and personal than mine. I know the “correct” Bible verses, but they live a closer walk with Jesus. I have learned my faith is more real when I follow these disciplines.

 God Loves You …John 3:16

Receive His Forgiveness…Matthew 7:8

Invite Others…2 Corinthians 5:20

Pray to God; Apply His Word; Abide in Him…John 15:7

 I felt challenged recently when I realized the Bible repeatedly states, “my hope is in the Lord; our hope is in His word; and have the hope of eternity.” I asked, “How can a person with severe depression possibly live with the hope expressed throughout God’s word?”

After meditating on this for a couple of months God helped me prepare this two-sided card to summarize His answer. I cannot “muster up” enough hope by changing my attitude. Instead, hope, like faith and trust, is a gift. They are given to those who believe in Jesus. God proved His love when He came in a manger, lived, died, and overcame the grave. I need to let go and trust Him, rather than trying to figure everything out with my own understanding.


 MERRY!.....HAPPY!….does it seem shallow this year?

What about HOPE? It sounds impossible - school shootings, national debt, fiscal cliff, tax increases, unemployment, foreclosures, Benghazi, Iran, personal challenges. Who can generate that much HOPE?

I think it is time to let go and trust God; rather than leaning on our own understanding.
(See Proverbs 3:5)

Real HOPE, like FAITH, JOY, PEACE and TRUST, is a gift to believers in Jesus.
MERRY CHRISTMAS…accept God’s gift of HOPE.
Pass it on to friends and family…HAPPY  HOLIDAYS!

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